Revlon Laser Brilliance 1875W Infrared Heat Dryer

Price: $29.99

Brand: Revlon Store: Ulta

Why Infrared Heat Technology? Infrared Heat Technology penetrates the cortex of hair, heating it from the inside out. This helps maintain hair's natural moisture balance to prevent over drying for faster styling, maximum shine, softness, and control. How it Works? 1. Airflow passes though the infrared chamber releasing ions onto hair. 2. Infrared light dries hair from the inside out with even heat and fast superior results. 3. When infrared hat and airflow are combined, the hair cuticle is restored, frizz is eliminated, shine is intensified. Why Ionic & Ceramic Technology? Ions have been scientifically proven to eliminate static electricity cause by styling of hair and quickly helps eliminate frizz while Ceramic infrared hear penetrates hair quickly and evenly to avoid hot spots and helps dry hair in a fraction of time. Features: 2 Heat/Speed settings Cold shot button Removable endcap Diffuser & concentrator attachments Hanging Ring 2 year limited warranty

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